This Is a Generic Brand Video is a generic brand video of This Is a Generic Brand Video written by Kendra Eash.

Shigeru Ban awarded 2014 Pritzker Prize. Totally deserved.

John Ioannidis of "Why most published research findings are false" fame plans to launch a meta-research lab at Stanford.

Long article about the elderly German who hid 1000+ artworks looted by the Nazis in his apartment.

Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview. Interesting throughout.

Another entry in the growing list of how x transformed the world: the elevator.

Intriguing review of Tom Bower’s biography of Richard Branson.

Internal devaluation hasn't helped Greek exports much, which is not much of a surprise. "The OECD’s findings underline the complexities & challenges of improving competitiveness & performance of exports."

In praise of the London Review of Books, one of my favourite magazines