How to beat jetlag: Don’t eat for 12 to 16 hours before breakfast time in the new time zone.

Excellent interview with psychoanalyst Adam Phillips. Highly recommended. "Psychoanalysis takes for granted that an awful lot of human suffering is simply intractable, that there’s a sense in which character is intractable. People change, but there really are limits. One thing you discover in psychoanalytic treatment is the limits of what you can change about yourself or your life." "Patients come because they are suffering from something. They want that suffering to be alleviated. Ideally, in the process of doing the analysis, they might find their suffering is alleviated or modified, but also they might discover there are more important things than to alleviate one’s suffering." "Symptoms are forms of self-knowledge. When you think, I’m agoraphobic, I’m a shy person, whatever it may be, these are forms of self-knowledge. What psychoanalysis, at its best, does is cure you of your self-knowledge. And of your wish to know yourself in that coherent, narrative way. You can only recover your appetite, and appetites, if you can allow yourself to be unknown to yourself. Because the point of knowing oneself is to contain one’s anxieties about appetite. It’s only worth knowing about the things that make one’s life worth living, and whether there are in fact things that make it worth living."

Interview with psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer, famous for his research into heuristics and cognitive rules of thumb.

Tim Crane in conversation with John Searle.

Georgina Adam on the rise and rise of the superstar artists.

Why do so many new abstract paintings look the same?

Good, balanced, review of The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon. I read it earlier this year and found it quite interesting. It did change my views on amazon and Jeff Bezos.

The Financial Times summer books list. Some will find their way into my pile once the paperback is out.

Equations used in population genetics resemble a widely used algorithm in game theory and computer science.

The new Pathe Foundation HQ in Paris, designed by Renzo Piano, has been squeezed between existing buildings.

Disruption is to the tech sector what deconstruction was to the humanities in the 90s. Of all industries the fishing industry is probably the most disruptive as it ruins ecosystems thousands or millions of years old.