America in Decay. The Sources of Political Dysfunction. Excellent essay by Francis Fukuyama.

A profile of Isadora Duncan from the January 1927 issue of The New Yorker.

Dan Jurafsky discusses the etymology of the different names of "tea" or "chai".

My life as a writer. Interview with Philip Roth.

Profile of mathematician Subhash Khot who was awarded the 2014 Rolf Nevanlinna Prize.

Greg Dunn creates beautiful paintings of neural structures inspired by Asian scroll paintings.

Excellent profiles of all four Fields Medal winners: Artur Avila, Manjul Bhargava, Martin Hairer & Maryam Mirzakhani.

The US business cycle. Cartoon by KAL in The Economist of 9 August.

Good background article on Isis by Patrick Cockburn in the London Review of Books.

What Would Krishna Do? Or Shiva? Or Vishnu?

New Yorker profile of Shigeru Ban.

Lego recently launched Lego Architecture Studio, a set of building blocks aimed at budding architects.

The Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal & Andorra) by night as seen from the International Space Station, 26 July 2014.

Amusing history of the term scientist and its rocky path to acceptance.

Ik kan me voorstellen dat er mensen zijn die zeggen: Heb je niks beters te doen? Jawel, maar dit kan er nog wel bij.