Found this among my bookmarks. A resistance checklist by the late Lebbeus Woods. Resist the suggestion that you can do what you really want later. Resist all claims on your autonomy. Resist the hope that you’ll get that big job. Resist getting big jobs. Resist the flattery of those who have won. Resist the temptation to talk fast. Resist taking the path of least resistance. Resist the influence of the appealing. Resist the idea that you need a client to make architecture. Resist accepting honors from those you do not respect. Resist believing that there is an answer to every question. Resist the feeling that you should explain. Resist writing what They wish you would write. Resist the thought that life is simple, after all. Resist the notion that you should never compromise. Resist the idea that architecture expresses something. Resist the tendency to repeat yourself. And more...

The reason I'm so inefficient.

Cave paintings in Indonesia, originally discovered in the 1950s, turn out to be 35,000 to 40,000 years old.

Andrew Gelman and Eric Loken on the statistical crisis in science (p<0.05).

Kishtwar Kailash: Road To Basecamp. Now that's an awesome road!

And the Nobel Prize in Economics goes to... Jean Tirole. Tyler Cowen has compiled an excellent introduction to the work of Jean Tirole with links to his most important papers. Vera te Velde has compiled a list of "fun" papers Jean Tirole co-authored with Roland Bénabou.

Fascinating article about the ubiquitous Tracy-Widom distribution.

Why hipsters all look alike.

Kevin Twomey's photographs reveal the complex inner workings of antique calculators.

The New York Times of 12 October features an appreciation of the Dutch pension system.

Another childhood mystery solved. I always wondered how suits of armor performed in combat.

How Ebola compares to other infectious diseases.

mark world toilet day the BBC published a photo series of toilets around the world.

Words to live by: "When was the last time you did something for the first time?"