The girl with a pearl earring may not be wearing a pearl earring.

Banksy's take on the Girl with a pearl earring.

Ever wondered how a commercial airplane is built?

"To be a foreigner is to be perpetually detached, but it is also to be continually surprised" - Pico Iyer.

What happens when you strike a match? Fascinating high-speed video using schlieren imaging.

Longform Best of 2014.

The ghost ship by visualSKIN is 1 of the highlights of this year's Amsterdam Light Festival.

Why is everyone so busy?

New statistical test uses noise in data to tease apart cause and effect.

"A triumph of organised, poetic insanity touched with magic." A review of The Hayao Miyazaki Collection.

30 Years ago this month a gas leak at a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India killed thousands of people. 30 years after the worst chemical accident in history, the disaster is hitting a new generation.

Excellent but lengthy essay on Britain’s war in Afghanistan. The books reviewed are longer, though.

Series of striking aerial photos of Detroit.

The Economist books of the year. Financial Times editors, columnist and a number of authors list their books of the year.