John Kemp on the distinction between breakeven and shut-in prices for oil wells. Interesting nugget of fact: Oil does not occur in giant caverns  underground. In fact, oilfields are like a sponge made from rock.

xkcd on location sharing.

The golden ratio has spawned a beautiful new curve: the Harriss spiral.

Vincent Laforet recently captured some stunning aerial photos of NYC at night.

Mathematicians have solved the century-old triangulation conjecture.

Fascinating essay about the autodidact Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887–1920).

NASA has released a high definition version of the iconic Hubble "Pillars of Creation" image.

Mathematicians have uncovered the 4 basic rules behind the ancient Japanese art of kirigami.

The Smithsonian's Freer-Sackler art galleries have digitized their entire collection and put it online. Check out: Gakutei Harunobu: Two Geisha reading from a book and A Sleeping Princess, from India, late 18th century and this watercolor of A Woman Disappointed by her Lover, from Udaipur, India ca. 1640.

Brief interview with Michel Houellebecq about his new novel Submission.

Simon Beck's astonishing landscape and snow art illustrates the cold beauty of mathematics.

Roberto Saviano, author of Gomorrah, about his life under armed guard.