What is code? If the question puts you off you should read this excellent interactive article.

Our Man in Tehran by Thomas Erdbrink has won the award for best Dutch television program.

One of the oldest problems in combinatorics has just been solved.

Calculate your risk of dying in the next 5 years (based on data from the UK Biobank).

Excellent farewell essay by Tania Branigan after 7 years of covering China for The Guardian.

Alex Bellos on the mathematical legacy of John Nash. I was sad to to learn that John Nash and his wife died in a taxi crash in New Jersey on 23 May.

The Atlantic has republished Host by David Foster Wallace, which first ran in April 2005, with restyled annotations.

The Inexplicable. Inside the mind of a mass killer. Karl Ove Knausgaard on Anders Breivik.

Excellent article about the US shale revolution.

New Yorker profile of Marc Andreessen. Long read, but worth the time.