Interview with Nobel laureate Alvin Roth on matching theory. Alvin Roth's Nobel Prize lecture is an excellent introduction to matching theory.

Debate on effective altruism. The link is to the opening shot by Peter Singer. I liked the response by Angus Deaton.

The LHCb Experiment at CERN discovers a new type of particle made up of 5 quarks. LHCb stands for "Large Hadron Collider beauty" and is one of seven  particle physics detector experiments collecting data at the Large  Hadron Collider accelerator at CERN.

Kim Kardashian explains why marginal propensity to consume decreases as income rises.

This xkcd reminds me of Clown Torture by Bruce Nauman.

The 50 best book covers of 2014 according to Design Observer in association with AIGA.

FAO Schwarz is closing. I enjoyed visiting the store whenever I was in New York.

What belief do you hold that is most surprising given all your other beliefs?