How John Conway’s life in games has led to extraordinary insights.

A trove of clay tablets found in Turkey opens a window into ancient economics.

Tiny aerosol particles in the air may cause snow and ice to darken, absorb more of the sun’s energy and melt earlier. I too noticed that various glaciers are blackened.

This is what happens to your checked luggage  at Schiphol airport.

Excerpt from The Silo Effect,  a new book by Gillian Tett. It reminded me of the cell philosophy  pioneered by CMG and BSO in the 70s and 80s: When a team exceeded 150  people it was divided in two.

Obituary for John Holland, whose research into genetic algorithms and complex systems greatly inspired me.

Breathing Beijing’s air is the equivalent of smoking almost 40 cigarettes a day.

If the Troika were to visit Berlin. Ten reforms the Troika would impose on Germany.

Mathematicians have discovered a new type of pentagon that can tile the plane. I've always been interested in the intersection of mathematics and aesthetics.

Earth View is a curated collection of more than 1,000 striking satellite images found in Google Earth.

Fifty psychological and psychiatric terms to avoid. A list of inaccurate, misleading, misused, ambiguous, and logically confused words and phrases.

Alles hätte aber auch anders kommen können.

... und er weiß jetzt, was er nicht wissen wollte, nämlich dass es einen Moment gibt, in dem es für immer zu spät ist.