Richard Feynman's Lectures on Physics are available from Caltech, and are now optimized for any device. I have a physical copy. Years ago I read it from front to back. A chapter per week.

Dramatic pictures and drone footage of the melting ice sheet in Greenland.

Out to where storytelling does not reach. Karl Ove Knausgård on the role of editors and the practice of writing. How much better would many performances be if there would be editors in theatre and dance?

A brief introduction to the history and mathematics of labyrinths.

Angus Deaton is an excellent choice for the Nobel Prize in Economics. Angus Deaton shares his views on three of his biggest topics with the Financial Times. Tyler Cowen provides an excellent overview of Angus Deaton's contributions to economic science.

How Tom Wolfe became Tom Wolfe. Michael Lewis profiles Tom Wolfe for Vanity Fair. I loved The Bonfire  of the Vanities, which I think is the quintessential 80s New York novel.  The first three quarters or so of A Man in Full are also great, but the  ending feels rushed as if Wolfe didn't know how to put an end to it and  was told by his publisher to hurry up.

This is pretty awesome. Yale University has put 170,000 Library of Congress photos of the US from 1935 to 1945 online.

A brief explainer of Terence Tao's proof of the Erdös discrepancy conjecture.

Alber Elbaz leaves Lanvin. 28 of His Best Runway Looks.

Frank Witzel has been awarded the Deutscher Buchpreis,  the largest literary award for a German-language novel. When I read  about a "genialisches Sprachkunstwerk" and "a hybrid compendium of pop,  politics and paranoia" I want to click "buy".

African photography comes of age.

If we talked about phone hardware the way we talk about brain hardware.