You've probably heard about the woman who sued McDonald's because the coffee she spilled on herself was too hot. Well, it turns out the real story is a bit more complicated than what you may have heard.

How can a simple tool like a Feynman diagram help physicists with the complicated math of particle collisions? Good question.

The ’Ndrangheta is the least heralded of Italy’s three great mafias, but it’s by far the most successful internationally.

KGW Portland, a local radio station in, you guessed it, Portland, OR, asked 86 burglars how they broke into homes so as to learn how to keep your home safe from burglaries.

As Geoff Manaugh notes in A Burglar's Guide to the City, burglary is an architectural crime since burglars subvert a building's architectural features.

The Financial Times has lunch with Tom Ford on the occasion of the release of his second movie Nocturnal Animals. I enjoyed the trailer. It looks dark and stylish.

Critics and biographers take it for granted that Primo Levi killed himself. But doubts remain, as Diego Gambetta writes. The idea that he committed suicide fits in with people's narrative. I find it more likely that he tripped and fell.

Revenue is up, but audiences are down in New York City’s dance industry a new study finds. Sad but true, but it doesn't surprise me. The reasons are manifold, in  my view. For one thing audiences have more choices than ever to spend a  night out. Furthermore, the performing arts are faced by rising costs  making it more difficult to create a standout production that can compete with other art forms.

The afterlife of a ballerina. Profile of Alexandra Ansanelli (ex NYCB, ex Royal Ballet) who retired at the age of 28.

George Steinmetz spent nearly a year traveling the US to capture the dizzying grandeur of 21st-century agriculture.