Elif Batuman on how to be a stoic. For such a small price, I buy tranquillity. Remember that line.

Von der Kunst, die Wirklichkeit unmöglich zu machen. Interesting essay about Heiner Müller by Dirk Baecker.

Werner Plumpe on the romantic fiction of a world without money.

Analysing the genetics of ancient humans means changing ideas about our evolution.

Interesting speech by Claudio Borio on financial cycles, secular stagnation and monetary policy.

Experts fear looming water crisis may make Bangalore uninhabitable by 2025. That's eight years from now, so let's check back in ten years.

These photos of ice fishermen in the Kazakh capital of Astana along the route of the river Ishim are pretty amazing.

Sylvia Serfaty talks about mathematical truth and frustration. For Sylvia Serfaty, mathematics is all about truth and beauty and building scientific and human connections.