Michel Foucault's work on power (and its corollary freedom) is as relevant today as it was in the 70s. Finally a popular article, which explains why Foucault refrained from defining power, or the essence of power: it keeps changing shape and the way it operates.

Interesting account of the work of computational physicist Sharon Glotzer, who uses computer simulations to study emergence. One of her key findings is that entropy and self-assembly are linked. In some cases entropy leads to order, not disorder.

Why some people sometimes feel the urge to jump when standing in a high place. The article's original title is more catchy, but not everyone feels the urge to jump, as it says in the article itself.

The Financial Times talks to Damien Hirst about his upcoming exhibition in Venice, Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable. I'm intrigued and as there will be a Biennale this year I might go to Venice this autumn and combine it with a short hiking trip in the Dolomites. Hmm, that sounds like a nice trip...

CERN experiment discovers not one, but five new particles! I always find it fascinating that they keep discovering new particles. I would assume that at some point all particles will have been found, but  apparently that point hasn't arrived yet.

Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge along California's Pacific Coast Highway has been demolished after flood damage. The Pacific Coast Highway, especially Big Sur and  indeed the entire stretch between Carmel and San Simeon is an awesome  drive. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is very beautiful, but I  understand that, like several other state parks along the Pacific Coast Highway, it too has been closed until further notice due to flood damage.