John Nash’s notion of equilibrium is ubiquitous in economic theory, but a new study shows that it is often impossible to reach efficiently.

What is space? It's not what you think. The concept of space was the subject of my MA thesis in Philosophy. It is one of my life-long interests. I'm also highly sensitive to space(s).

The strange topology that is reshaping physics.

On growing up as an untouchable.

Hitchcock talks about lights, camera, action. And that, of course, is an old interview.

On the clothing choices of the homeless. "Ultimately life on the street as a man is first and foremost about finding normalcy both as a tactic and a deep desire and dream."

How Uber's hard-charging corporate culture left employees drained. Two years ago The New York Times ran a much-talked-about story about the supposedly brutal corporate culture at Amazon. Now Uber is the target. In two years the world and Uber will have moved on.

An appreciation of Raphael. "Although Raphael was younger than Leonardo and Michelangelo and his career was shorter, he was by far the most influential of the three, especially from the end of the 16th century."