Amia Srinivasan reviews two recent books about the mind of the octopus, both of which I've added to my reading list.

How much more can we learn about the universe? Brief but interesting essay by Lawrence M. Krauss.

A pre-history of post-truth, East and West. Postmodernism was conceived largely by the Left as a safeguard against totalizing ideologies. Yet today, it has been appropriated on behalf of an encroaching neo-totalitarianism of the Right.

Nobel laureate Sheldon Lee Glashow weaves some threads in the tapestry of physics. This is the first in a series of essays. Subsequent instalments will address waves and particles, relativity, nuclear physics, and the Standard Model.

Religious freedom in Europe was driven by statecraft not philosophy.

The greatest civilisation ever forgotten?

Gregory Chaitin takes a look at complexity using algorithmic information theory.

J.M. Coetzee on a great writer we should know (and whom I'd never heard of).

100 books set in/about Los Angeles. Ask the Dust by John Fante and Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis are my favourites.

25 Articles and essays by David Foster Wallace.