In case you didn't know already, physics has demoted mass. It is no longer considered an intrinsic property.

An astonishing video shows CRISPR editing DNA in real time.

There's more to Edvard Munch than The Scream.

Nietzsche's musings on his lost umbrella raises deeper philosophical questions. While at university I read Derrida's Spurs, a masterclass in close reading.

Dani Rodrik on the fatal flaw of neoliberalism: it's bad economics.

In Antarctica, two crucial glaciers accelerate toward the sea.

Operation Icebridge. Astonishing photos of Antarctica.

I've read many good things about Twin Peaks: The Return. It's just that as with so many films and television series I haven't found the time to watch it yet. I'm planning a catch-up weekend.

Is it too late to save the world? Jonathan Franzen on one year of Trump's America.

A selection of photos from one of my favourite photographers, Walker Evans.

T.J. Clark on the art of the Russian Revolution.

Peer review: the end of an error? Tim Gowers on the pros and cons of “formal peer review” in mathematics and other fields.