Tragic as they are many wildfires are directly or indirectly the result of human intervention. Efforts to  contain small wildfires today may lead to huge uncontrollable wildfires in the future.

Physics needs philosophy. Interesting essay by Carlo Rovelli.

Excerpt from the excellent Ghosts of the Tsunami by Richard Lloyd Parry.

The economics of fishing the high seas. I have to confess that I enjoy eating fish, but reading about the fishing industry always makes me feel guilty.

The big melt. Review of two new books on the melting arctic. I just finished A Farewell to Ice by Peter Wadhams, another excellent book on the same topic.

Yet another interesting account of the discovery of CRISPR. The book by Jennifer Doudna is on my pile.

There is more to behavioral economics than biases and fallacies. I couldn't agree more.

Michel Houellebecq's sexual distopia.

An alternative interpretation of the famous gorillas in our midst experiment.

Inside Facebook's wild early days.

Rachel Kushner on Cormac McCarthy's existential westerns.

Michael Freeden on the contemporary role of political theory.

While we sleep, our mind goes on an amazing journey. Which reminds me, I had resolved to go to bed early.

Imaginary Meccano: Chris Marker’s playful aesthetics.

Düssel.... Short story by Ian McEwan.