Fascinating study: Quantifying reputation and success in art. Drawing on a large database, which offers information on 497,796  exhibitions in 16,002 galleries, 289,677 exhibitions in 7568 museums, and 127,208 auctions in 1239 auction houses, spanning 143 countries and 36 years (1980 to 2016), the researchers were able to reconstruct the artistic career of 496,354 artists. "Early access to prestigious central institutions offered life-long access to high-prestige venues and reduced dropout rate. By contrast, starting at the network periphery resulted in a high dropout rate, limiting access to central institutions."

Transforming the global food system. Can the predicted rise in global food demand by 2050 be met sustainably?

The Art Institute of Chicago recently uploaded more than 50,000 high-resolution images from their collection to their website, including reproductions of paintings by Vincent van  Gogh, Andy Warhol, Edward Hopper and Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Tales from the Warhol Factory. Friends and colleagues reminisce about the Factory years.

What if the placebo effect isn’t a trick?

Massive crater under Greenland’s ice points to climate-altering impact in the time of humans.

Largest overhaul of scientific units since the French Revolution wins approval.

Review of Eyes to See: The Astonishing Variety of Vision in Nature by Michael F. Land.

Previously unpublished interview with David Foster Wallace, previously unpublished in English that is.

And another interview with Karl Ove Knausgaard.