Das Virus ändert alles, aber es ändert sich nichts. Ein Essay von Armin Nassehi. "Man kann an diesen Krisenfolgen sehr deutlich sehen, wie fragil diese so stabile Gesellschaft immer schon war und wie sehr sie auf Kante genäht ist: Sie scheint in ihrer dynamischen Stabilität davon abhängig zu sein, dass es weitergeht wie bisher. Nicht weil sie so stabil ist, ist es schwer in die Dynamik der Gesellschaft einzugreifen, sondern weil diese Stabilität so sehr von sensiblen Konstellationen abhängig ist."

"Je ne crois pas aux déclarations du genre 'rien ne sera plus jamais comme avant'" Essay by Michel Houellebecq. "Nous ne nous réveillerons pas, après le confinement, dans un nouveau monde ; ce sera le même, en un peu pire." Die Zukunft nach Corona (German translation).

A tour through the exhibition Gerhard Richter: Painting After All at The Met Breuer. Review of Gerhard Richter: Painting After All.

Frank Ramsey. The man who thought too fast.

The environmental price of fast fashion. "In this Review, we identify the environmental impacts at critical points in the textile and fashion value chain, from production to consumption, focusing on water use, chemical pollution, CO2 emissions and textile waste. (..). On the basis of these environmental impacts, we outline the need for fundamental changes in the fashion business model, including a deceleration of manufacturing and the introduction of sustainable practices throughout the supply chain, as well a shift in consumer behaviour — namely, decreasing clothing purchases and increasing garment lifetimes."

Between home and work: Commuting as an opportunity for role transitions. This is exactly how I view commuting and why I don't like working from home. It's also why I never liked casual Fridays. I like there to be a strict distinction between office and home.

Die moderne Kunst war immer ein Versprechen auf Radikalität. Was aber, wenn sich die Wirklichkeit nun selbst auf ungeahnte Weise radikalisiert?

Still Life. Amazing cover for the New Yorker by Chris Ware.

Igor Levit is like no other pianist.

Revealing animal emotions. "Dolensek et al. used machine learning to objectively investigate stereotyped facial expressions and their neuronal correlates in mice in response to emotionally salient stimuli."

Sword-wielding scientists show how ancient fighting techniques spread across Bronze Age Europe.

Shrewd water use helped South America’s first empire thrive. So why did a drought destroy it?

Ariane Mnouchkine: Half a century building utopia.

Will Cirque du Soleil Rise Again? “No one had ever modeled what we would do if we lost 100 percent of our revenue”. Add Cirque du Soleil to the list of companies destroyed by private equity (and USD 1 billion of debt).

Michael Pollan on the US food supply chain. "There’s still plenty of food coming from American farms, but no easy way to get it where it’s needed."