Spoken in Jest: On the lasting importance of Georges Perec.

Seeing our own reflection in the birth of the self-portrait.

Lushly illustrated profile of Barbara Kruger for the New York Times T Magazine.

A picture of change for a world in constant motion. Close reading of a print by Hokusai.

Artist Makoto Azuma and designer Kei Ninomiya describe their showstopping floral collaborations.

Keith Jarrett confronts a future without the piano.

An iPad studio tour finds Bruce Nauman pushing limits. I look forward to the upcoming retrospective.

Ed van der Elsken at the Rijksmuseum: an exhibition full of surprises.

China after covid. Refreshing take on what's happening in China by Wang Xiuying.

Review of  Our Final Warning: Six Degrees of Climate Emergency by Mark Lynas. "If we stay on the current business-as-usual trajectory, we could see two degrees as soon as the early 2030s, three degrees around mid-century, and four degrees by 2075 or so. If we’re unlucky with positive feedbacks…from thawing permafrost in the Arctic or collapsing tropical rainforests, then we could be in for five or even six degrees by century’s end."