Newly detailed nerve links between brain and other organs shape thoughts, memories, and feelings.

The landscapes inside us. Essay/book review by Robert Macfarlane. “Our navigational ability as a species is closely connected to our ability to tell stories about ourselves that unfold both backward and forward in time.”

Interview with Melanie Mitchell.

The mystery at the heart of physics that only math can solve. The accelerating effort to understand the mathematics of quantum field theory will have profound consequences for both math and physics.

What Is a Complex System? by James Ladyman and Karoline Wiesner reviewed by David Kinney.

The long reach of family ties.

How scientists are embracing NFTs.

Mathematicians welcome computer-assisted proof in ‘grand unification’ theory. Proof-assistant software handles an abstract concept at the cutting edge of research, revealing a bigger role for software in mathematics.

The Goodness Paradox: The Strange Relationship between Virtue and Violence in Human Evolution by Richard Wrangham reviewed by Ronald J. Planer.

White matter and human behavior.

Hysterical Girl. Excellent Oscar nominated short documentary.