Where be your jibes now? Patricia Lockwood on David Foster Wallace.

Make it new and difficult. John Adams reviews Schoenberg. Why He Matters by Harvey Sachs.

Creative grief and how to deal with it. I often fall into a brief depression after finishing a project, which typically lasts until I start planning or thinking of a new project. So the key for me is to keep busy and have a full agenda.

How Larry Gagosian reshaped the art world.

The tyranny of the tale. What if a narrative frame is also a cage?

The cognitive challenges of cooperation in humans and animals.

A special issue of Science examines the effects of light pollution on the natural world, human health, and the night sky.

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Brain network communication: concepts, models and applications.

Anselm Kiefer has been awarded the 2023 German National Prize.

Review of Gerhard Richter. Painting After the Subject of History by Benjamin Buchloh.

Brice Marden has passed away.

A new framework for the chronology and divergence of languages in the Indo-European family, which places the family’s origin at around 8300 BP—older than previous analyses.

Fossil evidence challenges our current understanding of body-size evolution. The blue whale may not be the heaviest animal that has ever lived.

Diverse sleep strategies at sea. Many animals face ecological challenges that seem incompatible with sleep. In marine mammals and birds—which need to sleep, breathe, and avoid predators—diverse neurophysiological, respiratory, and behavioral solutions to these ecological challenges have evolved.

ChatGPT is a black box: how AI research can break it open. Editorial in Nature. Despite their wide use, large language models are still mysterious. Revealing their true nature is urgent and important.

Interview with Richard Rhodes about Oppenheimer, how researchers fare in the film and what it gets right and wrong.