Cal Newport on how to have a more productive year. Re-read this January next year.

The quest to decode the Mandelbrot set, math’s famed fractal. Truly excellent article.

The cause of depression is probably not what you think.

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The enduring appeal of Tool. (I'm a fan).

The cerebellum is responsible for far more than coordinating movement. New techniques reveal that it is, in fact, a hub of sensory and emotional processing in the brain.

The links between math, music and art have been explored for thousands of years. Sarah Hart is now turning a mathematical eye to literature.

Across seven centuries, women have been accused of witchcraft - but what that means often differs wildly, revealing the anxieties of each particular society.

Large language models help computer programs to evolve. A branch of computer science known as genetic programming has been given a boost with the application of large language models that are trained on the combined intuition of the world’s programmers.

Interview with Giuliano da Empoli, author of “Le Mage du Kremlin” (The Wizard of the Kremlin). “Putin knows he made a mistake. But one rule of power is to never go back.”

An artificial-intelligence tool can rigorously prove whether geometric facts are true, just as well as competitors in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

teamLab is opening a major new Tokyo space in February.

The amazing Maison Margiela Artisanal 2024 show by John Galliano.