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Interview with Claire Voisin, who won this year’s Crafoord Prize in Mathematics for research inspired by string theory. "My field of mathematics was revolutionized by the late French mathematician Alexander Grothendieck in the 1960s. And the starting point was a sort of revolution in the way of understanding geometry: what is a space? When you define what a space is, you give total priority to the study of functions."

Lorraine Daston on Linnaeus. “If he sounds odd to those who hold a view of Enlightenment science as rational and orderly, perhaps that’s because real Enlightenment science was a great deal weirder than that.”

Interview with Thomas Ostermeier.

Fields Medal winner Cédric Villani explains some of John Nash's extraordinary theorems. John Nash was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for his work in game theory, but his contributions to mathematics were actually more groundbreaking.

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