Adam Phillips on getting the life you want.

Interview with the always interesting Rem Koolhaas (auf Deutsch). “Europäer streben nur noch nach Komfort und Sicherheit. Also nach Faulheit.”

Island-wide characterization of agricultural production challenges the demographic collapse hypothesis for Rapa Nui (Easter Island). The so-called “ecocide” of the Rapa Nui, popularized by Jared Diamond in Collapse is a myth that should be relegated to the bin of outdated theories. The collapse was caused by slave trade, enforced migration and the introduction of new diseases.

The enduring mystery of how water freezes.

Mathematicians attempt to glimpse past the Big Bang. By studying the geometry of model space-times, researchers offer alternative views of the universe’s first moments.

Chimps use more plant medicines than any other animal. A recent study suggests sick chimpanzees go out of their way to find plants with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

These crows may count in a way similar to human toddlers.

Patricia Lockwood on A.S. Byatt.

Sleep deprivation disrupts memory: here’s why.

Primordial black holes.

Detecting hallucinations in large language models using semantic entropy.

Surrealism’s influence.

Egypt’s new USD 1-billion mega-museum.

The potential of micro- and nanoplastics to exacerbate the health impacts and global burden of non-communicable diseases.

Adorno’s aesthetics.

How to raise your Artificial Intelligence: A conversation with Alison Gopnik and Melanie Mitchell.

Most life on Earth is dormant, after pulling an ‘emergency brake’. Many microbes and cells are in deep sleep, waiting for the right moment to activate. Biologists discovered a widespread protein that abruptly shuts down a cell’s activity — and turns it back on just as fast.