I'd originally planned to hike to the Lac d'Arpitettaz and depending on whether I had good legs to then continue to the Cabane d'Arpitettaz. It was a perfect day and I felt good so I hiked all the way to the hut. The Arpitettaz hut is situated at the foot of the Weisshorn and in front of the Blanc de Morning and its glacier at an elevation of 2,786 metres. Since Zinal is at 1,675 metres this means climbing (and descending) more than 1,100 metres.

Morning Glacier
The hike to the Arpitettaz Hut affords spectacular views of the Morning Glacier
Morning Glacier
Another capture of the Blanc de Morning and its glacier
The trail ends here. This is behind the Arpitettaz hut
This was where I made a short break to eat the apricot pie I'd bought in Zinal
Lac d'Arpitettaz
The Arpitettaz Lake

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