The hike to the Cabane de Moiry is a relatively easy way to get a taste of the high mountains. The trail starts at an elevation of 2,350 metres and climbs to 2,825 metres. Better still, in summer there's a direct bus from Zinal via Grimentz to the parking at the glacier lake. Unfortunately, it is not possible to hike much further than the hut. When I did the hike in 2015 the glacier and the mountains were shrouded in clouds. I waited for about an hour for the fog to clear but in the end I decided to descend again. This time I had more luck with the weather.

Glacier de Moiry
I'd like to go back in 2025 or 2030 to see how far the glacier has retreated in the intervening years
Glacier de Moiry
In the top left corner the destination: the Cabane de Moiry
Glacier de Moiry
The Moiry Glacier as seen from the Cabane de Moiry. That hole in the glacier wasn't there in 2015.
Looking to the other side of the glacier from the Cabane de Moiry
It was worth going back
Because it looks nice in black and white
In the top left corner the Cabane de Moiry. It is possible to descend all the way down to the glacier lake.

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