The Fee glacier is easily reached by cable car. However, it was such a beautiful day that I decided to hike from Saas-Fee to Spielboden (2,448m) and to take the cable car to Langfluh (2,870m) from there.

In the distance the north tongue of the Fee glacier. Hard to believe that a century ago the glacier reached this far
The hike to or from Spielboden is quite beautiful and leads through a wonderful larch forest
Crevasses of the Fee glacier as seen from Langfluh
The Fee glacier has split into two sections. This is the "north" section. To the right the Dom.
The Fee glacier as seen from Langfluh
On the Fee glacier. In the distance the Allalinhorn.
It's possible to do a guided tour on the glacier. However, the weekend I was in Saas-Fee not enough people had booked the tour. Maybe next time.

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