Romsdalseggen is a spectacular ridge hike that offers amazing views of the mountains, valleys and fjords surrounding Åndalsnes. The 10 km long hike reaches an elevation of 1329 meters above sea level at the highest point. I had originally planned to do this hike in 2016 but due to bad weather conditions I had to abandon my plans. My hotel offered a Romsdalseggen package, which includes a drop off at the starting point of the hike. Every morning from June to September, there are also buses from Åndalsnes to the trail head. On the way from Oslo to Åndalsnes I had noticed that the mountains were still covered in snow, but at my hotel they informed me that the trail was doable and that others had completed the hike as well.

The first plateau was still covered in snow. The sign says that it's 8km to go and that I've already covered 2.5km. Hurray! But it's not just about distance...
I made it to the top of the ridge after climbing several hundred meters through a boulder field. Now let's check out the view...
View from the Romsdalseggen ridge
Stunning view down towards the rugged peaks around Trollveggen
The view towards Blånebba. Because of the snow I skipped the hike towards the top
The view towards Mjelvafjellet. The hike continues along the ridge.
A perfect spot for a snack
The view towards Blånebba
Great spot to have a profile picture taken
The hike continues along the ridge...
The ridge requires some scrambling and a couple of difficult sections are secured with chains
Almost there...
I made it! Looking back to where I came from.
The sign warns that the path is narrow and the drops steep, which I found quite amusing because it is a bit of an understatement
Looking back towards Blånebba
I thought that from here on it would be plain going...
Åndalsnes, the destination, in the distance and another ridge...
Looking back...
One more ridge to go...
This is why it's called a ridge hike
Looking back where to I took the previous photo
Almost there. Two more snowfields and one more ridge
The final ridge
Looking back on an amazing hike. From here you can walk to the new cable car station or walk down to Åndalsnes, which is what I did.

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