The hike to the top of mount Skåla is one of the ehh.. top hikes in Norway. Skåla lies at an elevation of 1,848 meters above the fjord and the village of Loen in Stryn. The hike is pretty demanding as you ascend 1,800 meters from the trailhead to the top. Although some people do it in less than an hour and a half, but they don't carry a camera. The views on the way up are breathtaking. Along the way there are several waterfalls. It's also interesting to see the vegetation change as you ascend from sea level to above tree level. I knew I would be in for a challenge because of the snow, which started at an elevation of 1,000 meters. I decided to see how far I would get. In the end I made it all the way to the top (and back of course).

Up until 1,100 meters the hike was pretty straightforward. This is where the fun started.
Ascending through deep snow was quite challenging, but the views made it worth it
I'd originally planned to climb to the top of the saddle from where I took this photo, but after some deliberation I decided to push on...
The saddle right in the middle is where I took the previous photo pointing my camera in the direction of what is to the left of this photo
Amazing views towards the fjord
Some sections of the path were free of snow
The destination is in sight at last
More snow on the trail...
And more amazing views
Almost there
Made it to the top!
The view of and from the top of Mount Skåla
The old DNT hut to the right and the new hut to the left
One more look around and then it's time to descend. Still a long and challenging hike ahead.
Some Norwegians skied down on their shoes, others used a plastic bag as a sled, but I found that a bit tricky
But... I'm always happy when I see snow!
Mount Skåla hike
Some people were still going up while I was making my way down
Mount Skåla hike
A short break and photo op before the final descent through the snow
Looking back
With the snow behind me time for a quick snack break. From here it's still 1,000 meters down...
One of two large waterfalls along the way. A waterfall never fails to make my day.

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