Zermatt lies at the foot of some of the most magnificent mountains in the Alps. There are many excellent hiking and mountain trails in the area around Zermatt. Zermatt itself is a nice town with many great hotels, restaurants and shops. I've visited Zermatt twice and on both occasions I had a wonderful time.

View of the Zinalrothorn and the Weißhorn from the Matterhorn Glacier Trail from Trockener Steg to Schwarzsee
View of the Zinalrothorn and the Weißhorn from Rothorn
Just an awesome rock formation
The Findelgletscher near Zermatt
The Findelgletscher. The ridge reveals how high/deep the glacier once was.
The Findelgletscher seen from the Edelweissweg
In the bottom right corner: Trift at 2,337 meter
View from the Edelweissweg

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