Ivar Hagendoorn

Ivar Hagendoorn

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Anne Imhof: Natures Mortes

I was lucky to obtain a ticket for one of the final performances of Anne Imhof Natures Mortes at the Palais de Tokyo. Had I known in advance how good the exhibition would be I would have booked a separate ticket for the exhibition as well.
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Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection

I’d been looking forward to visiting the Pinault Collection at the Bourse de Commerce ever since I read about it being under construction. Perhaps my expectations were too high, but I was quite disappointed, both by the works on show and the architecture.
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The Morozov Collection. Icons of Modern Art

The Morozov Collection is the second in the Icons of Modern Art series organized by the Fondation Louis Vuitton, bringing together some 200 works from the French and Russian modern art collection of the brothers Mikhaïl and Ivan Morozov.
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Further Reading

The Nobel Prizes in Physics and Medicine. Is it time to give up caffeine? Mathematicians prove melting ice stays smooth. Daido Moriyama. Shame Tomatsu. René Pollesch. Paul Celan. W.G. Sebald. Slavoj Zizek. And more.
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Ein Volksfeind

Ein Volksfeind is one of the showpieces of Thomas Ostermeier and the Schaubühne. It premiered in 2012 and has been part of the repertoire ever since. It is also frequently shown on tour. I was glad I finally had a chance to see it.
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Boros Collection

The Boros Collection had been high on my Berlin to do list since I first read about it. Contemporary art in a former bunker? Count me in.