I just read "A Single Man", the novel by Christopher Isherwood, because I love the film adaptation directed by Tom Ford so much. I was hoping to read the film’s beautiful final monologue in its original form, because it never fails to bring me to tears, but to my surprise it doesn’t occur in the novel. It therefore must be something Tom Ford and script writer David Scearce added.

It doesn’t happen often, but for once I actually like the film better than the novel. That is largely because the film is so stylish. Colin Firth and Julianne Moore are perfectly cast as George Falconer and his close friend Charlotte (Charley) Roberts. And the blonde girl who sits front row at his lecture is so pretty. The house where the character George lives in the film actually exists and was designed in 1948 by John Lautner. When I googled it I even found out that a few years ago it was on the market.

I love so called desert modernism and I once went looking for some houses around Palm Springs only to discover that they were on gated private roads.