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Marcel Proust. Un roman Parisien

To mark the 150th anniversary of his birth and the centenary of his death the Musée Carnavalet has dedicated a wonderful exhibition to Marcel Proust, his relationship with Paris and the place of the city in "À la recherche du temps perdu".
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Cixin Liu: The Three-Body Problem

I don’t usually read science fiction novels, but after reading rave reviews I picked up a copy of Cixin Liu's The Three-Body Problem. It is indeed a marvelous novel and after finishing the first volume I also ordered the second and third volume of the trilogy, which I found even better.
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The Best Books of 2018

The books of the year in a number of categories: biggest book of the year; best fiction; best book I wish I had read years ago; best book about dinosaurs; best physics; best book about Wittgenstein that is(n't) about Wittgenstein; most useful, most disappointing and more.