In 2016 I noticed some people on top of the Bøverbreen glacier in Jotunheimen National Park near the Krossbu Turisthytte. I made a mental note (read: bookmark) and in 2022 I booked a guided tour to Bøverbreen. There had been a lot of late season snow so the crevasses were still filled with snow making it dangerous to get close to the amphitheatre of crevasses near the top of the glacier. Even so I had a great time exploring the glacier together with the guide who explained a lot about the geology and the history of the surrounding area. The Bøverbreen glacier is covered with the remains of lemmings that die when they try to cross the glacier!

On the way to the Bøverbreen. I love these landscapes.
Somewhere on Bøverbreen. Notice the snow filled crevasses.
Snow filled crevasses
This was as close as we could get to the crevasses near the top of Bøverbreen
In five or ten years the glacier will look entirely different and I might give it another try to reach the top
I don't fancy jumping across a crevasse but sometimes you have no choice
I was standing split legged inside a crevasse while taking this photo 
My guide on Bøverbreen to provide a sense of scale
Time to take off the crampons and head back. When we reached the parking lot it started pouring with rain.

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