June 2014 I spent a few days in San Francisco. I visited all the obvious places, but of course to take interesting photos you have to visit some not-so-obvious places, for which I didn't have time. Unfortunately, I didn't have time either to go to Berkeley, Oakland and the rest of the Bay Area. That will have to wait until another visit.

San Francisco View from Potrero Hill
San Francisco Skyline from Potrero Hill 
San Francisco view from Potrero Hill
Potrero Hill is an excellent spot for taking photos of the San Francisco skyline. If I remember correctly this photo was taken from 18th and Missouri Street. I didn't have my large tripod with me so I didn't go back for night shots.
San Francisco
This was near the Coit Tower, which offers great views as well
Of course, I'd been hoping to make a postcard quality photo, but this was as good as the weather got. I waited and waited, but clouds kept forming in the stretch spanned by the bridge, which I presume is typical for the area and the time of year when I visited (early June).

Los Angeles! Death Valley! Yosemite National Park! And more California.

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