I first visited Jotunheimen National Park in July 2013. The weather was perfect but I had only scheduled one day for hiking, which I used for a guided tour on the amazing Svellnosbreen glacier, and one day for sightseeing along Norwegian Scenic Route Sognefjellet, which runs through Jotunheimen National Park from Lom to Skjolden. In 2016 I had scheduled three days in Jotunheimen but it was raining all days. In 2022 I was more lucky with the weather, but only just about. On my arrival it was sunny and warm, but it was already past noon so I could only manage a short hike. The next day it was mostly cloudy and the day after it was cold and rainy with sleet at higher elevation so unfortunately my hike to Galdhøppigen was cancelled. As I said in 2016, I'll be back!

The lake near Sognefjellhytta was still covered with snow and ice
In the distance Fannaråki
The summer ski season was still in full swing and there were a lot of cross country skiers. You can see part of the track at the bottom of the photo.
Next time I plan to stop at Turtagrø and hike to Fannaråki
Jotunheimen National Park
On a day like this everywhere you point your camera makes for a great photo
The road to Leirvassbu
Jotunheimen National Park
More rain on its way. Time to head back.
Actually the combination of snow covered landscapes and rain clouds make for quite dramatic photos

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