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Juergen Teller: i need to live

Juergen Teller is in many ways my opposite. That’s why I find his work interesting and inspiring. I therefore enjoyed visiting "i need to live", a large retrospective devoted to his work conceived by Teller himself.
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Alberto Giacometti. The Nose

The Institut Giacometti in Paris has created a small but beautiful exhibition bringing together all versions of “Le Nez” (The Nose), one of Alberto Giacometti’s best-known sculptures.
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Further Reading

Patricia Lockwood on meeting with the Pope. How Lea Ypi defines freedom. Siddharta Mukherjee on carcinogens we cannot see. An atlas of human brain cells. The fate of free will. Ed Ruscha. Gerhard Richter. And more.
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Sophie Calle at the Musée Picasso

"À toi de faire, ma mignonne", Sophie Calle's take-over of the Musée Picasso, is one of the most intelligent exhibitions I've seen in a long time. Picasso is absent, but he has never been more present.
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Le Paris de la Modernité at the Petit Palais

Le Paris de la Modernité (1905-1925) is a sprawling exhibition, which brings to life a period when Paris was the cultural capital of the world. Through nearly four hundred works across all artistic domains, the exhibition celebrates the effervescence of the years 1905 to 1925.