Lofoten has long been a destination on my bucket list, and now that I've had the chance to visit, I can't stop thinking about returning someday. There's truly no place like it - where snowcapped mountains majestically meet the ocean. The scenery is simply breathtaking.

I was fortunate enough to experience a rare spell of good weather during my trip to Lofoten. Just a week prior to my arrival, certain areas had still been blanketed by 10-15 cm of snow, or so the receptionists at some of my hotels told me, and I was filled with apprehension as I gazed at the snow-capped peaks upon landing in Tromsø. The first day of my trip, as I drove from Tromsø to Svolvaer on Lofoten, was cold and rainy. However, the following day brought a change in fortune; the sky cleared and the temperature began to rise, reaching a balmy 20°C. This pleasant weather persisted for the subsequent two weeks, with occasional spikes in temperature soaring to a delightful 25°C on some days.

Just a road on Lofoten
The beach at Grunnførfjorden near the Matmora trailhead. I'm so glad I drove on to see what was around the corner after returning from the hike!
Grunnførfjorden, Lofoten
The beach at Grunnførfjorden
View of Ytresand from Røren
View of Henningsvaer from the trail to Festvågtinden. Unfortunately I lost precious time, first because I had to find a spot to park my car and then because I ended up on the steep rock climbing trail and had to descend again to get to the hiking trail.
Halfway the hike to Festvågtinden there is a plateau with a lake and a ridge which offers amazing views of Henningsvaer and the ocean
I now regret not climbing to the top of Festvågtinden, but I didn't know how long the drive to Hennes in Vesterålen, my next destination, would be, and I didn't want to arrive too late.
Across Lofoten you can find wooden racks for drying fish. However, most fish are taken down in June.
The hike from Haukland to Utakleiv and the top of Mannen is another classic. This is the view from Mannen.

More Lofoten: Reine & Reinebringen, Matmora and the hike to the Munkebu Hut.

Be sure to also check out the photos I took in Vesterålen and Senja, especially the photos from the stunning hike to the peak of Møysalen.

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