I had originally planned to only visit Lofoten and Vesterålen, but when I saw some photos of Senja I decided to add a few days on Senja. I now wish I had added a couple of days more to also explore the area around Tromsø and the Lyngen Alps.

Senja is the second largest island in Norway and is often described as “Norway in miniature” because of its diverse scenery. Ånderdalen National Park, which is located in the southern part of the island, reminded me of Hardangervidda, although I should add that I only had time to visit the woodlands around Åndervatnet. I read that the park’s sea-facing side is more rugged.

The main action is on the island’s mountainous western coast which faces the Norwegian sea. This is also where Segla is located, the most iconic mountain on Senja. There are many more peaks in the area and I regret that I had only scheduled two days for Senja when I could easily have spent four days exploring the island.

Of course I had been hoping to make some great photos of Segla, but as I climbed Hesten, the mountain facing Segla, I realized that it was the wrong time of day. For good photos I should have taken advantage of the midnight sun and climbed Hesten late in the evening. Had I known this I would have climbed Segla itself, because it's higher than Hesten. Perhaps another time.

The view from Hesten looking towards the North-West.
View from the top of Hesten towards the sea
Hesten to the left and facing it Segla to the right. This was near Senjahopen.
Somewhere along the 862 near Senjahopen
The view from Sommardalhaugen, halfway to Husfjellet. My first day on Senja was a bit cloudy. I had been hoping that the clouds would clear or that I would rise above the clouds, but as I climbed Husfjellet the fog only became denser so at some point I turned around. The next day it was clear, but it was already late in the afternoon and I didn't have time to go all the way to the top. I now realize that I should just have skipped dinner, buy some food at a supermarket in Skaland and hike to the top.
Somewhere along the 862 between Straumsnes and Bergsbotn
Just a photogenic tree in Ånderdalen National Park

Be sure to also check out the photos I took in Lofoten and Vesterålen, especially the photos from the stunning hike to the peak of Møysalen and the photos I took in Reine & Reinebringen, Matmora and on the hike to the Munkebu Hut.

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