Vesterålen has it all: amazing scenery, majestic mountains, deep fjords and beautiful beaches. It is a hiker’s paradise and a great destination for whale watching. There is one thing Vesterålen does not have: tour buses full of tourists. They only go to Lofoten. Vesterålen therefore receives less visitors than Lofoten.

This photo was taken along the scenic route Andøya near Bukkekjerka. I stopped here to just sit on a boulder and watch the ocean for a while.
Of course I hiked the Dronningruta, which is billed as one of the most beautiful hikes in Norway and as Queen Sonja's favourite hike
Somewhere along Dronningruta
Somewhere along Dronningruta. It is basically a combination of a ridge hike and a beach hike.
To hike Dronningruta you can either start in Stø or Nyksund. Regardless of where you start I recommend hiking counterclockwise. There's a stretch with chains near Nyksund which is easier going up than going down. If only I had known this! Thus, if you're starting in Stø walk along the beach first; if you're starting in Nyksund climb the mountain first and walk back along the beach.
The most beautiful part of Dronningruta is near Nyksund.
Mountains, lakes and beautiful beaches, what more could you wish for?
The hike to Måtinden is another classic hike in Vesterålen
The hike to Måtinden is a short but rewarding hike offering amazing coastal views
Vesterålen is home to the oldest rock formations in Norway. This is not it though. 
Somewhere along the scenic route near Bø and Bømyra

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